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Tissue-i Histopathology assessment

Molecular pathology testing of solid tumour relies on the pathological review of H&E stained tissue sections to annotate tumour regions for enrichment by macrodissection. This ensures sample quality, sufficiency of tumour DNA for analysis and ultimately the precision of the molecular test result. For the use of sensitive molecular techniques this is critical to deliver high quality testing and allow accurate interpretation of the sequence variants detected.
It is known that the annotation of tumour and estimation of neoplastic nuclei can be highly variable thus there is a need to measure the degree of variation between laboratories and standardise approaches to tumour annotation and analysis to promote high quality molecular pathology testing.
This module covers a range of tissue types (breast cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, melanoma, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer). Participants can select which tissue type they wish to assess. They will be required to mark the regions of tumour they deem appropriate for macrodissection for molecular testing, drawing the boundary using the online EQA module. An estimation of the cellularity and percentage of neoplastic nuclei across the slide image and within the annotated region will be requested.
This online competency tool has been designed to provide a source of external review, benchmarking with peers and evidence continual professional development in the field of molecular pathology tissue assessment for the individual.
Registration will enable access to all five tissue types to up to 3 users for an EQA run. This registration will cost £480. Additional users can be added at a reduced fee of £100 per user. Please contact the Scheme if you would like to include additional users.
Please be assured that the Scheme is aware of the financial constraints on laboratories and therefore has endeavoured to keep fees as low as possible to enable maximum participation across laboratories.
Laboratories linked to a NHS Genomic Medicine Centre do not need to register for participation in this assessment. You will be contacted by the Scheme regarding participation covered by NHS England.