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Genotyping only

UK NEQAS for Molecular Genetics and Molecular Pathology will be offering the following genotyping only EQAs schemes during 2016:

Microsatellite instability testing EQA 2017 (open to all laboratories)

This EQA has been expanded from previous EQA runs. As many laboratories routinely test samples for MSI and continue with further testing then this EQA scheme has developed to reflect this practice. Particpants will be required to test three pairs of normal and tumour sample (either DNA  or FFPE tissue samples) according to their routine procedures, and submit their results as full interpretative reports. The EQA will include MSI (as in previous years), then laboarories will have an option to test and report the results of MLH1 promoter methylation testing and BRAF mutation anlaysis.

The MSI results will be assessed for genotyping accuracy and all other tests will be classed as pilot tests.

Samples will be dispatched in September 2017.


Scheme dates for 2017

  • Online scheme registration - open until 31st March, 2017
  • Sample distribution - September 2017


Scheme fees for 2017 - click here