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EQA scheme approval

The Joint Working Group on Quality Assurance (JWG) is a UK Royal College of Pathologists working committee consisting of representatives from each of the professional organisations in pathology services, advisory panels, Care Quality Commission and the UK Accredition Service. The commitee was set up to oversee each UK EQA provider and monitor the standrad of laboratory pathology services.

The progress of each EQA Scheme and the laboratory results are monitored by the National Quality Assessment Advisory Panels (NQAAPs), groups of specialists in each field who provide a link between the Joint Working Group and the Scheme Directors, and whose remit includes dealing with cases of persistent poor performance. The JWG continues to work closely with NQAAP and is the last resort for unresolved persistent poor performance.

All UK NEQAS for Molecular Genetics pilot EQAs are approved by the UK NEQAS Executive Committee.