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Participant Manual

Complaints Procedure

Most complaints received by UK NEQAS schemes consist of minor misunderstandings or problems with specimens that can usually be resolved over the telephone with the Scheme staff. In addition the Scheme Director can be emailed via the Scheme email ( for the purposes of informal feedback.

Participants who feel that their cause for complaint requires a more considered response should communicate their concerns immediately to the Scheme Director in writing. A preliminary telephone call may assist in clarifying the issue and establishing the requisite action. Upon receipt of the complaint the communication is logged along with the action taken.

If the Scheme Director feels it appropriate then they will attempt to address the complaint as soon as possible by letter. If not the participant will be made aware of the situation and given the date of the next Steering Committe or appropriate Specialist Advisory Group meeting at which the matter will be discussed.

Similarly if the participant is not satisfied with the response by the Scheme Director then the matter will be brought before the Steering Committe or appropriate Specialist Advisory Group at their next meeting. In these instances a response will be made in the light of advice from this committee.

In the event of continued dissatisfaction the Scheme Director will seek advice and assistance in resolving the matter from the appropriate Advisory Panel.